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Local Trappist beer

Brewed locally within the walls of Trappist brewery De Kievit of the Abbey of Maria Toevlucht That's the taste of Zundert! 


Try Zunderts pride

Zundert is one of two places in the Netherlands where real Trappist beer is brewed. That is peculiar, when you know there are only ten brewing Trappist Abbey's worldwide who are allowed to use the label 'Authentic Trappist Product'. It is only allowed when the beer is brewed within the Trappist Abbey, by or under supervision of Trappist monks. The Trappist brewery De Kievit in Zundert is unique as the monks actually brew them selves. You can try the beer in nearly every establishent of Zundert. Cheers!


Pay a visit

Looking in and outside the walls of the brewery. In brewery De Kievit, part of the Abbey of Maria Toevlucht, you can look into the kitchen in several ways. We put all possibilities in line.


The philosophy behind the beer


Trappist monks confess the vow of Stabilitas. They literally connect with the community and the spot where they live and work. That connection with the environment also shows in the beer that the monks in Zundert brew. To give the beer it's caracteristic spicy taste, the monks use the vegetable seasoning which grows around the Abbey. The brewery produces two beers: a spicy and amber triple, Zundert 8 and a stronger 'quadrupel', Zundert 10.