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Zundert has a special relation with 'greens'

As it is one of the biggest treenursery villages in Europe, surrounded by country estates and infinite strawberry growers, you can hardly imagine that it is otherwise...




Just before the Corso you see lots of Dahlia's flowering in the whole of Zundert. In July and August you see them while cycling. If you want to see more Dahlia fields, you can get a free tear-off map at the Zundert Tourist Office. On this map you will see the Dahlia fields pointed out. Be aware of changes in the fields which aren't pointed out on the map  yet. 



Look at the tear-off map

fertile soil

Zundert is one of the largest nursery villages of Europe. At Hazeldonk they are building a huge treenursery Business Centre by Treeport. Also you find many places where they grow lovely strawberries. At several places you find strawberry machines where you can buy fresh from the field strawberries for at home or nibble on the way.


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  • Green country estates

    When you look on the map at Zundert you see a dot of green. Several connected country estates each with their own character make sure that it is lovely to walk or cycle. At the tourist Office in Zundert several maps ar available.. Also you can book a tour with one of the guides for a country estate.



    Explore them here
    Green country estates
  • Walking and cycling

    From verious parkingarea's in the area around Zundert  you can easily walk in the country estates. Keep to the rules: Private estate or the estates which are guarded by 'National Trust', Brabants Landschap or Staats Bosbeheer. Together we keep Zundert green.



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    Walking and cycling
  • The most wonderful nature photo's

    The most wonderful nature photo's
  • Welcome in Van Goghs National Park

    Zundert is één van de grootste kwekerijdorpen in heel Europa. Hier wordt op Hazeldonk door Treeport gewerkt aan een groots boomkwekersbusinesscentrum. Ook worden in Zundert op veel plaatsen heerlijke aardbeien gekweekt. Op verschillende plaatsen vind je aardbeienautomaten waar je superverse aardbeien mee kunt nemen voor thuis of om onderweg op te snoepen.  


    Van Gogh Nationaal Park is een landschap vol slingerende beken, uitgestrekte natuurgebieden, vitaal boerenland, landgoederen en meer. Hier werd Van Gogh geïnspireerd door de natuur en de gewone Brabander. 

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    Welcome in Van Goghs National Park
  • De ondernemers in groen

    De ondernemers in groen